Welcome to the VINTAGE HAVANA COLLECTION. Here you will find the most comprehensive and significant collection of professional photographs from the city of Havana, Cuba between the years 1952 and 1956, when Havana was at its peak.

This anthology is very important historically as it allows us to view the reality and beauty of the Cuba of yesteryear during pre-revolutionary times. The Collection, acquired by my father and subsequently passed on to me consists of hundreds of original 4X5 negatives. These negatives were one of the few items that we were allowed to take when we left the island in 1962.

Images from this exclusive Collection have been exhibited in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada and in the Groningen Museum in the Netherlands.

A selected portion of the Vintage Havana Collection is being offered as limited-edition prints in this Gallery. The Collection's original 4X5 silver halide negatives have been chemically preserved to archival standards and digitized following International Museum preservation guidelines. The resulting museum quality black and white print is a blend of the latest state-of-the-art technology with the vintage look of one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the fifties. The use of archival inks ensures a stunning and long-lasting fine art print. Every limited-edition print includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity with an embossed Seal.

As with every print in each of my galleries, artwork from the Collection may be ordered framed or unframed. See PRINT and FRAME OPTIONS for details. Print sizes from the Collection are available from 11X14 through 30X40.

Special pricing is available for quantity orders consisting of 5 or more limited-edition prints from the Collection.

In addition to the standard hi-resolution paper offered with all the other galleries, we offer a special double weight watercolor paper exclusively for this Collection; Somerset Velvet. This beautiful top grade watercolor paper has a radiant white velvet surface that offers rich detail and brilliant tonality. Its 100% cotton rag is acid free ensuring archivability. Please add 20% to total print price for this option.

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