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This is the page where I tell you about me.

I'll spare you the soupy details of how my family escaped the dictatorial and repressive Castro regime in Cuba with barely the clothes on our back, emigrated to the United States, and how I turned my childhood hobby into my life's profession. Suffice it to say that my passion for photography has been the driving force behind my commercial photography business for more than 30 years. Yes, I launched my studio very young in the wonderfully free and full of opportunity U.S.of A.

Throughout all of those years I have been lucky enough to photograph in a myriad of interesting places where I would never had dreamed of visiting let alone documenting. Whether inside the containment vessel of a nuclear reactor or the control room of the Space Shuttle robotic arm, my fascination with the art of photography has made my journey a sincere pleasure.

On this website, I combine my zeal for photography and love of nature and travel in Galleries depicting a variety of fine-art display images. My studio specializes in printing and framing these limited-edition images for display in residences as well as corporate environments.

Please see PRINT OPTIONS and FRAME OPTIONS for details.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my life's passion with you.

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